Inspired Quotes

A collection of words strung together by wise and inspired souls, resting on my photos.

suitcase heart


light quote

last lecture quote

IMG_7109 butterfly nature Josh Wilson lyrics

live with intention quote intention quote

ramtha quote divine right

creative quote love this life manifesto adventure quote Maya Angelou maya daring to dare quote Maya quote shine maya song quote time flies message ee cummings poem long live the heart lyric heart photo-180 imagination quote photograph visionRandy Pausch quote light a light lyrics wonderful world

these are the days brave heart frog

summer stars quote baby bird e e cummings quote sacred flame quote

photo-212 photo-210 wanderlust defined quote ordinary creative advenuture quote ordinary creative IMG_6665 plato quote on red rocks photo

seize the day

look at the stars quote

The Perks of Being a Wallflower quote blackbird jan phillips quote on photography The Artisan Soul quote on

heart of creativity quote by julia cameron true creativity quote erwin raphael mcmanus extraordinary magic in ordinary life raindrop sunrise janisse ray quote

Please kindly do not feature any part of my blog without giving proper credit.  All photos featured here at Ordinary Creative are my personal creative property (unless otherwise noted).  You are welcome to use them with credit ….  If you do feature a photo or post, I would love to know about it.

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