Playing with Wooden Elements

The creative well felt a little dry today.  The old standby of  too much to do, too little time was on replay in my mind.  So I went for a run.  Then I went to a 7 p.m. meeting.  Finally the creative flow began late in the night… all inspired by a tiny clothespin.

Cutest clothespin ever.

The tiny clothespin had been sitting on my desk waiting to serve a purpose… I remember reading an inspired post over at  Shanty 2 Chic about using wooden elements to create frames.  I bought supplies shortly after reading the Shanty post but then I went nowhere until today.

My supplies were purchased at Hobby Lobby.


The base is a wooden oval topped with a candle stick.  I added layer by wooden layer finishing with finials on top.  I reconfigured a few times (feeling like a kid with blocks) until I liked the outcome.  I used Epoxy glue as my adhesive and a flat black spray paint over the finished assembly.  Now the tiny clothespin holds a beloved photo.  I am planning to add a piece of burlap to the second frame and another photo.  I will report back with the finished frame.  I have leftover supplies so I might assemble a few more and save them as gifts.  Lovely!

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One thought on “Playing with Wooden Elements

  1. kathleen February 9, 2012 at 10:26 pm Reply

    These are so cool Debbie! Love them. Anxious to see more on end results!

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